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Day 6

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here. ryoske_kt and I had planned on doing a day in DC before he left and never did. This would have been the perfect weather for it. Or for a trip to Six Flags. Shoot, for just about anything.

It's been sunny, and it's currently 80 degrees. 80, for godsake! It's beautiful! I haven't shut my window or put the air conditioning on in over a week. It's glorious. You don't get this kind of weather in DC in June.

So it makes me miss him because we could be out doing all kinds of fun things, but we aren't. Because I'm home here, far far away, and constantly looking east, as if over all those many many miles, I could see him if I just looked hard enough.

I want to go to the Open Mic at our coffeehouse tonight, but I am a little wary. It's a place we'd often go together, and I am not sure if it will be better or worse on me to go tonight. It's a place to feel close to him, but will it make me miss him that much more? I just don't know.

ryoske_kt's going to be joining us here. I added him as a member. He says he'd like to add his thoughts here from time to time. I am almost thinking about not reading this community on a daily basis. Posting, but not reading. Leave each entry to stand on it's own, and then at the end of the year, go back and read it then. Let him have the space to post into time and honestly, and not feel he has to censor himself. It could be very interesting that way... deserves some thought.
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