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Day 37

Last night was the last night of alchemy_dc at Nation, a club night here in DC. Nation is closing to make way for a baseball stadium, and alchemy_dc. I was out until really really late, since the club generally closes at 3am, and then we were there a little later, plus the ride home... so I didn't get home til about 4am. Once I got here, I was still wired from the energy, from the dancing, so I hoped online. I'm really clad that I did, because it meant that when he signed on a little after five this morning I was there to talk to him. I haven't spoken to him since Monday morning, so it was really nice.

I slept til pretty late as a result of that, and then was back online this evening... and caught him again. It was pretty cool. Now I should just go to sleep. It's late.
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