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I haven't posted into this journal yet... for some reason or another, it hasn't been appearing on my friends list, odd really. I decided to look it up, to see what had been going on in it... I've missed several entries apparantly.

In the last post, my wife mentioned something about how all the little things remind her of me. The feeling is mutual.

She's very much into dragonflies (hence the name dv8dragonfly,) and really, I see many of them... everyday. That's just one of the many, many things that remind me that I'll have someone to come home to, someone that I love, and can hold after a long, lonely year.

I'm trying to fix that, it turns out that I can bring her up here, but it's proving rather difficult since my teamleader has no life, and thus, thinks I don't either. I'm hounded with work, and in his eyes, I just can't seem to get my priorities straight. I'm going to do what I can to get out from under his command... cause he's just a retarded dick head anyway.

To get over how pissed off at him I constantly am, I usually sit and blast my music... but it just reminds me of my beloved. How I long to call her when I do this, but for the most part, I respect that she needs sleep. We all do.

I'm hoping that it won't be all too difficult here shortly to get her here, cause everyday, there are more and more things that I miss about her. They all started small, but even the small things become big after a while.

It's wierd, I never missed anyone like this, signs that show me that I really do love her THAT much. Signs that say, "so what if things were rushed, this is the woman who you've dreamt about, the princess who is missing the glass slipper that you possess."

Above all things however, I miss her smile the most. It's a smile that, when I see it, brightens my day, no matter how bad it's been. I hear her voice almost every day, the voice that turns my inner Hulk into a silent infant.

She's also the only person, that I've ever had a reason to cry happy tears for. For so many years, they were something I never understood, until I met her. Yet, she's also the only one I've cried sad tears for, cause I simply do not want to be without her. Val Kilmer said it best "you are my sun, my moon, my starlit sky... without you, I dwell in darkness."

Mrs. dv8dragonfly, Korea has been a very dark place, but every so often, through conversations with you, I manage to catch little glimpses of light. Lights that tell me everything will be okay, and that I have nothing to fear or regret.

I love you darling, with all my heart and soul. Past forever.

Yours Forever
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