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Day 47

I've gotten a lot of calls from ryoske_kt in the last couple days. And that's been really nice. It's great to wake up to his voice, talk to him at lunch, hear his voice at night. Tonight's conversation was about him finally taking steps to bring me to Korea. Originally we had planned on me staying here. That's changed about 20 times before and since he's left, but he's finally taking some steps towards it being a reality. Sometime in the next week or so I have to get my name changed with the Social Security Administration and then apply for my passport. On his end, he's working on finding out about off post housing and whether or not I can get on a space available flight instead of a commercial booking. That could save us about $1200.

It's a huge step. Huge. As much as I want to be with him again, I'm also scared about living in a foreign country. From what I have heard, though, South Korea is one of the easier countries to move to. There are a lot of people there who speak english. And also, it's supposed to be beautiful. I keep telling myself, when will I ever have an opportunity like this. So I am also excited.

By way of this community, I was approached by a lady whose husband is being sent to Korea also. It's a learning experience for me emailing with her. Which reminds me, I owe her some answers.
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