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Why I'm glad Korea is NOT D.C.

Because I am pretty much ALWAYS thinking of my beloved dv8dragonfly, I found out some info that actually made me quite happy.

You see, since I'm working on bringing her up here, it would mean that I would have to live off post. Quite possibly my biggest concern was, "geez, how much does that cost?!?"

Not much, I just found out today that a three bedroom apartment costs approximately $430 a month... KICK ASS!!!

So now, monetarily at least, my only concern is that damned plane ticket... I just have to find the time somehow to get to the travel office here on base. It would be oh so nice to only have to pay roughly $630 to fly her up here. Not that I wouldn't pay the expensive ass plane ticket to get her here... just I would rather not like too.

That's all I've got for right now.

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