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Day 49

The plan now seems to be that I will be moving to Korea. It's a big huge step. I'm excited and scared. It's a huge opportunity for me, to live in another country. And of course I want to see my husband. But I'm also scared. It's a different country, one where I don't speak the language and I don't know anyone BUT my husband. I know that he went there in the same situation, but he had work. And he's good at making friends. I'll have nothing there but him. I hate being that dependent on just one person. I mean, I know that's what we are supposed to be there for, for each other, but it's still something I am not used to. I am so used to being independent again.

I didn't hear from him this morning, when I normally hear from him everyday. That kind of threw me off for the whole day. Plus I've been doing things a little different - cleaning the house, spending more time downstairs. It's also been so quiet with the house to myself. Any little change of my day is such a big thing, since every day lately has been basically the same.

My parents come home tomorrow, and I'll be happy to have them here. It will be nice the have the noise of other people in the house again.
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