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I just got back from the field today... honestly, I was fumed for a good portion of it...

Let's start off with this morning, around 2400 hours. My phone is almost dead, so I'm barely able to squeak in a conversation with my darling dv8dragonfly. It died mid conversation, so essentially hung up on her.

By the time I manage to get a hold of a watch, cause I'm on guard and everyone else is asleep, I manage to get the phone back on for just enough time to tell her that I love her... no sooner do I hang up, that the phone dies. At least I got to say good night to her.

Four hours of sleep later... yay, morning. I pack all my stuff cause we're heading back to base after today's qualifications. We load up and head out. It took me about 18 more rounds than normal to do so, cause my first seargent wouldn't shut his fucking mouth while I was trying to concentrate. It took all my inner strength not to wring my hands around his throat and yell "the next time a fucking Non EXPERT infantry badge holder tries to tell me how to shoot my weapon... I'll fucking show them how I use it... on THEM!!!"

I absolutely HATE being on a p.o.g. (Persons Other than Grunts). It doesn't help that he's a p.o.g. as well. Don't get me wrong, most of my friends here are non-infantry, but they don't tell me how to shoot my fucking weapon, cause the KNOW that I know how to. Hell, even the fucking INFANTRY soldiers on post don't bother telling me, cause even THEY know I know what the fuck I'm doing. I wear an EIB (expert infantry badge) for a reason, and not because I SUCK at my job!!!

Anyhow, I'm zeroed and awaiting time to qualify. Alright, finally my turn, what does the range safety tell me as soon as I get to my firing point?

"The 200 meter target doesn't go down. The last person kept hitting it, but it won't score the hit for you."

Greeeeaaaat, so now I know I can't possibly score expert cause the 200m target comes up more than four times. I score 27/40, cause the fucking 150 wouldn't go down either.

Some people tried to tell me it was my fault, but when one consistantly hits the 300m target (which some people refuse to shoot, it's that hard to hit,) it's not HIS FUCKING FAULT THE RANGE IS BROKEN!!!

So now I'm done firing, and pissed. Also, they won't let me re-qual, cause all the other fucking p.o.g.s can't shoot for shit, so they don't have the ammo for it. God I miss being in the Old Guard sometimes.

Well, we get packed back onto the trucks to head to base... only to get stuck in traffic for four fucking hours!!! For those of you who complain about traffic in the states... try driving in Korea during rush hour. If not, I'll just laugh in your face when you complain.

We get back and I get a beloved shower... I love shower. I go to the bowling alley and bowl as crapily as I shot today. Luckily my VERY drunken buddies were there to make it at least amusing.

After bowling me and one of the medics in the "posse" decide to go watch THE OMEN at the theater... pretty cool flick.

That brings you all up to speed on what I've been doing... sorta. I'll back brief the earlier parts of the week at a later time.

God I miss my wife... I could sure use some cuddlin'.

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