Trouble with a capital "T" (dv8dragonfly) wrote in one_year,
Trouble with a capital "T"

Day 84

I've been pretty lax about posting here. Both of us have been. I don't have much of an excuse, other than being completley unmotivated. ryoske_kt and I have both been learning a whole lot about how depression can effect a person. I have nothing but time these days, but I have no desire to do much of anything. My writing is probably the most effected. I'm not only not updating here, but I'm not even updating my own personal journal. I just can't seem to find anything to say.

Our future seems in flux again. Apparently now ryoske_kt has changed his mind again about staying in and wants to go to school. His grandmother has given him an offer we really can't refuse - use of her home in Reno while he's at UNR. We wouldn't have to pay rent, just utilities. So now it looks like instead of staying here in MD, we'll be moving out west. A huge change. One I wanted about six months ago, too, but I was willing to stay here, since he likes this area so much.

There is just so much that is changing in my life right now, and I am just trying to get used to it.
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